Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Liam's comics, installment 1

This must be "Brag about Liam" day. Boy would he love that.
Liam has been drawing comics for quite some time now. As I post Liam's comics, you'll see a lot of similarities between his comics and those of Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes. Those are his favorites. He burns through those books. I just love that he has such a great hobby. I'll admit that much of the humor is lost on me. And I'll admit that I don't always "get" them. But I love them still the same.

We just got a scanner on sale the other day so Liam is now experimenting with scanning his comics and coloring them with a Paint type program on the computer. The results are great. He's doing a fantastic job. Here are his first 2 that he completed on the computer.

Burns' Night 2009

Every year, my mother-in-law, treats her Scottish husband to a night of total Scottishy things. She does this by celebrating Robert Burns, Scotland's most treasured poet. Some of you may have heard of him, others probably not. The only thing that seems remotely familiar to me is "your love is like a red, red rose"....or something like that. I personally believe it is just an excuse for people to get together, get drunk, eat haggis (because when else would you eat haggis) and write silly poetry. Good times! Really it is. We enjoy it every year.
This year, Liam by far, wrote the most creative poem. He was inspired by an ABC song written by The Barenaked Ladies. We had recently heard this song on the XM kids chanel and we all found it quite entertaining. Liam rewrote it, inserted his own special humor, and the result was a fantastic poem. Here it is.

A, is for aardvark. B, is for bleach.
C, is for chalkboard, for someone to teach.
D, is for dropping, a deuce.
E, is for exceptionally mediocre or loose.
F, is for floccinaucinihilipipificate,
and G, is for Georgia, a southeastern state.
H, is for her, and him, and he.
I, is for I, oh gee, what irony.
J, is for jackpot, you’ve hit it right in the spot.
K, is for kicking, that really hurt a lot.
L, is for licking, like slurp or pow,
and M, is for moo the noise of a cow.
N, is for nausea. O, is for 1, 2, 3.
P, is for pie, a food that’s very tasty.
Q, is for earthquake, if you leave out the earth.
R is for rhombicosidodechahedron, that’s a shape with some girth.
S, is for shut up, I’ll do that in a minute.
T, is for tub, with a couple folks in it.
U, is for umpire, now let’s play ball.
V, is for vacant, this is a free stall.
W, is for Winn-Dixie, full of cheapskate mothers.
X, is for xtreme, I couldn't think of any others.
Y, is for yip-yap, this song is full of it too.
Z, is for Zs, now it’s time to catch a few.