Tuesday, December 1, 2009

100 Books in a Month Challenge

100 books in a month. Can it be done? Quinn isn't so sure. Simon thinks we can. Mom KNOWS we can.

If you follow my blog, you know I love my Google Reader. After awhile, Google starts suggesting other blogs to follow based on the ones you are currently following. This has been great! I have found some great bloggers out there but I'm beginning to feel a bit like a stalker. I don't even know most of these people! But you never know from where your inspiration will come. I will never be so arrogant to believe that I have it all figured out. There are some incredible women, homeschoolers, raw foodies, cooks, moms out there that can teach me a thing or two.

Recently I was inspired by another Homeschool blog called Home-Grown Kids. She challenges her child every month to read 100 books. Of course I had to sweeten the pot a bit. I told the boys that if we accomplish this task we'll take a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. You know I put a lot of importance on reading if I am willing to brave that germ infested place.

Little does Simon and Quinn know, but we probably read 50-60 books a month already. This won't be hard. But 100 is a HUGE number to these boys so they will be so proud when they reach this goal. And I am going to have fun reading all these great books. I'll keep a list of the books as we go so you can read along if you like. So far I think my favorite has been Cowboy and Octopus by Jon Sciezca. That guy cracks me up!!!