Friday, April 17, 2009

Homeschool Home Economics

It's Spring and we have seriously fallen off the Homeschool wagon. If I am honest, I can look back and realize this happens every year about this time. The enthusiasm I had in September is no longer there in April. So to feel better about my kiddos' education, I look back on pictures to make sure we are doing "stuff". And then I get very creative and take that "stuff" and call it school!!! So today is Homeschool Home-Ec day. My kids are cleaning, baking, whining, cleaning some more, whining some more, cleaning some more! It's great.

Here are Simon and Quinn washing the BWT (Big White Truck.) I was such a great Mom. I didn't supervise this adventure one bit. In fact I have yet to go out to the car and see what a great job they did. I'm sure it is spotless.

Home Economics would not be complete without some cooking. Here's Simon whipping up some dried banana chips. These turned out very yummy. I'm always amazed though, at how much time drying fruit takes....and then my boys gobble it up in no time. I have dreams of seeing all this home dried fruits in cute little mason jars all lined up in my pantry. But they never even make it to the pantry. At least I know they are enjoying some dried fruit without all that added junk. Maybe I need one of those mega-12 rack dehyrdrators instead of my measly 4 tray dehydrator. That would be a question for my Green and Crunchy contact, Sheri!!