Friday, October 9, 2009

Science in the Kitchen - The Egg, Part 3

We continue our egg investigations with a little Flan!! How could science be so tasty? So if you are wondering how flan could possibly be tasty AND educational, well sit back and learn. Proteins! I won't bore you with all the details, but it all boils down to the proteins....oh and the fat. Gels love protein and fat.

Science in the Backyard (aka- Steve!)

Look at Steve! It seems like only months ago that Steve was this very large tadpole.

Now, he is this sorta small bullfrog!!

The boys found Steve in a pond near the house this Summer. After some negotiating and some terms discussed, Steve was given a home on our deck. It has actually been quite fun to watch Steve grow and shrink. I had no idea that they were bigger as tadpoles. I'm sure Steve will grow into a healthy, large Bullfrog and go on to populate the world with many more little Steves. This all hinges on whether or not I can convince the boys to release Steve back into the WILD!! I've tried explaining to them that the aquarium will freeze solid this Winter and leave Steve with no place to hibernate. AND, under no circumstances will Steve reside in our nice and cozy home.