Friday, April 24, 2009

Silly Liam

Liam loves to be silly. He doesn't always know when to stop, but he definitely has a passion for being the home clown (I can't say "class clown" since I'm a homeschooler!)
A few weeks ago we did a small study on Picasso and his cubism. We decided to do self portraits in this style. I love Liam's interpretation of cubism. His artistic side is always fascinating to me. He doesn't get it from me!

Have you all heard of the book "The Dangerous Book for Boys?" Or how about "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity?" I would have to say that these are Liam's daily reference materials. He's got them dog-eared and ready to go at a moments notice. Not sure what book this idea came from, but it was fun running into "the leg" for a few days. We never knew where it would end up. Under doors, windows, couches, desks.....