Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quinn - Why I love thee!!

Last but certainly not least...Quinn. The best "oops" that has ever happened in my life.

Quinn happens to be my early riser. I think he gets that from his Nana! At times, his early mornings can be quite annoying. It's hard to muster up a cheery attitude on only a few hours of sleep. (I happen to be a night owl.) But yesterday, as I was sitting on the couch with him, listening to him ramble on about scorpions, snakes and surviving in the desert, I realized I should look forwad to these mornings with him. I get an extra-special glimpse into his little mind when it's just the two of us snuggled on the couch at 7 am.

Quinn is very expressive with his eyes. It's adorable. Not sure where he picked it up. He now knows when he's doing it and sometimes exaggerates them even more. I love this picture in the tree. It shows a bit of those beautiful, expressive eyes.

When Quinn is happy......oh, the things that boy can do. He can light up a room. When Quinn is grumpy.....look out. He can bring the house down!

He's managing to stay "babyish" longer than the other boys and I'm not sure who to blame. It could be just his personality. It could be that he is truly my baby and I'm not ready to let it go. I'm just not sure. But one for thing for certain, I am not stressing over it. That's the upside of being the youngest. Your parents have relaxed a ton since that first child!

So what do I love about Quinn? I love how Quinn says "dorn" instead of door. I love how Quinn can't pronounce his "L's" and says 'Niam' instead of Liam. I love how he'll just pop up with some random trivia and amaze us all with his knowledge. I love that he can play by himself and pretend his toys are all sorts of things. I love how he draws these miniscule pictures and them cuts them out for presents. I love how he names all his toys. His baby duck will be "baby duck." His kitten will be "kitty," and so on and so on. I've learned to not mess with his naming system. I love his Lego creations. I love his hugs. I don't love that he hates kisses. I have to smother him with them after he's gone to sleep. I love that he likes to watch things like "Survivorman." I love the creative way he will describe things with his limited vocabulary. I love the little wart on his toe. I love the smell of his hair. I love seeing him with his baby cousin Sammy. Quinn just loves that little guy. I love Quinn's smile and his big brown eyes. I love love love this incredible boy.