Sunday, January 3, 2010

100 Books in a Month...Not a problem

So we did it!! Just under the wire too. Our goal was to have it accomplished by Christmas. We read our last 5 books on the drive from Columbus to Toledo, Christmas Eve. Phew!

I thought about typing up the list of books so y'all could see what we tackled, but that just seems like too much work for this lazy holiday season. I will, however, go on record to say that they are all different books. We did not repeat any and mark them down twice, thrice, etc. Out of all this, I found some new series that keep me entertained as well as the kids. The Epposomundas books are fun. Simon loved my southern accent as I described the "great, big, hairy, Louisanana snappin' turtle." I also really liked the Dear Mrs. Larue books by Mark Teague but the boys didn't care for them. They were filled with wonderful sarcasm and witty humor that will keep the adult reader chuckling.

With every accomplishment there should be a reward, right? The kids are very anxious for their reward...a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. But if we want Mom's sanity to remain intact, we need to wait till all the "schoolies" go back to school so that we can have Chuck E. Cheese all to ourselves.


Karen said...

WOW!! Well done all of you!

~Leslie said...

GREAT job!! Glad to know you're reading with us! ;D