Monday, January 4, 2010

Simon - Why I love thee!

Now on to my 2nd born. What can I say about Simon? He simply lights up a room whenever he enters. If you know Simon, you know what I mean. This little guy beats to his own drum. He sings to his own song. He dances his own little dance. He's this tiny little bundle of energy that you just want to grab on to and hold forever. But he's too squirmy for that. No time for cuddlling, this boy is on the move.

He's got these great little freckles on his eyelids that I want to kiss everytime I see them. Most people comment on his cute freckles when they first meet him, but he's starting to get
embarrased about them. I wish he could love them like the rest of us do.

And you can't talk about Simon without discussing his unique style of dressing. We call him the "monochromatic kid" because he likes all his clothes to be in the same color family. It doesn't matter if the pants are dark green and the shirt is neon green....they match in his mind. The other day he wore green camo pants and a green Hawaiin shirt. He always asks if he looks nice and I always say 'yes.' Well....I say 'yes' most of the time.

I love that Simon's heels never touch the ground. I love the strong little calf muscles he has because those heels never touch the ground! I love how he likes the finer things in life; a fuzzy blanket, a nice shirt, fine China. I love that he can play well with kids younger and kids older. He seems to fit in everywhere he goes. I love how skinny he looks in his PJ's. I love how concerned he can be for others. I love his spirit, his energy, his excitement for life. I love how he normally just goes with the flow. I love to hear him sing songs. I love watching him play sports.

I love how Simon will eat ANYTHING!! He loves pickles, sushi, eggs, celery, peppers, edamame, hot Buffalo wings....and he would probably love if I put all those things together. I love how he dives off the high dive at the Powell Pool. He starts at the back of the board and just starts running. He looks the Road Runner when he's finally air born with his feet still running.

Plain and simple, this kid is great. I love him more than this blog could ever express.

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