Monday, January 4, 2010

Liam--Why I love thee!

It is not big news that our children drive us nuts most of the time, and that some children do it more than others. So as we wrap up the holiday season, I feel it is important to reflect on what I love about them, what makes them unique, what brings out the best in them....because it isn't always me!! I need to sift through all the daily trials and tense moments of this household and find those precious things I adore about my children. So here it goes, I'll start with my eldest.

If you know my family at all, you know that Liam is my biggest challenge so far. He has humbled me as a parent so many times. When I first had children, I thought you could discipline anything out of a child. I read that "Dare to Discipline" book when Liam was just a toddler and assumed I had it all figured out. WRONG!!! Children will be who they will be. His personality has nothing to do with my discipline or lack of it. As challenging as Liam's stubborness can be, I love him for it. Someday that will help him stick to his guns during a job interview, or a debate with a professor or, scary as it sounds, a marriage proposal. (I hope my husband reads this!!!) Liam is Slagle through and through when it comes to his stubborness. I need to keep reminding myself that this is a good thing!
I love Liam for his goofy behaviour, although inappropriate at times. I love that he loves babies. I love watching him with his cousin Sammy. I love that he loves pets. I love his crazy cartoons that he draws. I love ALL his poetry, although inappropriate at times! I love that he still finds time to thank adults for things. I love that one little mole on his cheek. I love it when he genuinely gets the giggles. I love his sarcasm, also inappropriate at times. I love that he still likes to cuddle with me at night. I love that he wants to sit with me during movies. I love his curious nature. I love how he dives into new topics that interest him even if it drives me crazy at times. I love that people think he looks like his dad. I love how he enjoys calling family members to check in on them. I love that he likes to cook. I love how he uses big vocabulary words he reads in books. I love that he can make fun of himself.

And I love his goofy faces!! The list could go on and on. I simply love this boy.

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